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The Popular Education and Community Organizing Collection Annotated Bibliography

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Last Update: 09-Oct-2005 10:27:12 am

Activist Cookbook, The: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy
Anatomy of a Movement: The Zapatistas (A POPULAR EDUCATION TOOLKIT)
BRIDGE: Building A Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy
Community Leader's Workbook, The: The Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Program.
Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing (Facilitators Manuel and video )
Defending Democracy: An Activist Resource Kit
Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song
Facing the Challenge of Racism and Race Relations: The Busy Citizen's Guide, 3rd Edition
Human Rights Education Handbook: Effective Practices for Learning, Action, and Change, The Human Rights Education Series: Topic Book 4
Leader's Manual: A Structured Guide and Introduction - Kingian Nonvilence: The Philosophy and Methodology, The
Participation, Development, Power, and Democracy: An Introduction to Basic civics Concepts, Part 1
Popular Education for Human Rights: 24 Participatory Exercises for Facilitators and Teachers
Power Tools: A Manual for Organizations Fighting for Justice
Racism and Pedagogy: Who Teaches the Teachers?
Roots of Terror - A Popular Education Toolkit, The
Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy
Teach Me To Thunder: A Training Manual for Anti-Racism Trainers
Training For Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book 4

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