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The Popular Education and Community Organizing Collection Annotated Bibliography

Title List for GENDER ISSUES Category

Last Update: 09-Oct-2005 10:27:12 am

Breaking Through: engendering Monitoring and Evaluation in Adult Education
Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing (Facilitators Manuel and video )
Human Rights Education Handbook: Effective Practices for Learning, Action, and Change, The Human Rights Education Series: Topic Book 4
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights: A Human Rights Perspective Human Rights Education Series: Topic Book 3
Local Action Global Change: Learning About the Human Rights of Women and Girls
On Our Feet: Taking Steps to Challenge Women's Oppression. A handbook on gender and popular education workshops
Popular Education for Human Rights: 24 Participatory Exercises for Facilitators and Teachers
Sharing our Learning: Women in Adult and Non-formal Education ICAE Women's Program Resource Booklet
Starting With Women's Lives Changing Today's Economy - A Facilitators Guide to a Visual Workshop Methodology
Students Against Sweatshops
Ten Plagues of Globalization
Training For Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book 4
Transformando la economía de hoy desde la vida cotidiana de la mujer
Understanding Economics: Starting With Our Lives
Women's Education in the Global Economy: A Workbook of Activities, Games, Skits, and Strategies for Activisits, Organizers, Rebels and Hell Raisers

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