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The Popular Education and Community Organizing Collection Annotated Bibliography


Last Update: 09-Oct-2005 10:27:12 am

Activist Cookbook, The: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy
AH-HAH! A New Approach to Popular Education
Anexo de Technicas Grupales
BRIDGE: Building A Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy
Cartas a Guinea-Bissau: Apuntes de una Experiencia Pedagogica en Proceso
Claiming What Is Ours: An Economics Experience Workbook
Common Sense Economics for Working Families
Comunicación Medios y Cultura
Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing (Facilitators Manuel and video )
Coyuntural Analysis: Critical Thinking for Meaningful Action: A Manuel for Facilitators , 1997,
Culture wars: school and society in the conservative restoration, 1969-1984
Developing the Craft: Some Tools and Reflections From Union Education in English-speaking Canada
Educação Popular
Educating for a Change
Educaton for Building a People's Movement
Evaluating Community Organizing in the Philippines
Facilitators' Guide to Participatory Decision-Making
Fighting To Learn: Popular Education and Guerilla War in El Salvador
Getting the Community Into the Act: 72 Participatory Activities for Field Workers and Trainees
Importancia de Leer y el Processo de Liberación, La
It Ain't Just About a Vote: Defining Democracy for Movement Building
Making Sense of the Media: A Handbook of Popular Education Techniques
Naming the Moment: Political Analysis for Action - A Manuel for Community Groups
Of Maps and Leapfrogs: Popular Education and Other Disruptions
Partners Companion to Training for Transformation
Pedagogies for the Non-Poor
Pedagogy of Indignation
Political Economy for the Rest of Us: Economic Education for Workers and Their Families
Popular Education and Community Organizing: The Bell County Kentucky Example (Working Paper Series #22)
Popular Education for Human Rights: 24 Participatory Exercises for Facilitators and Teachers
Popular Education for Movement Building: A Resource Guide
Popular Education Handbook, A
Prison-Industrial Complex: Social Control in the Era of Globalization (A Popular Education Toolkit), The
Problem-Posing at Work: English for Action
Problem-Posing at Work: Popular Educators Guide
Roots of Terror, The, 2nd Edition
Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories, Storytelling and Activities for Peace, Justice and the Environment
Starting With Women's Lives Changing Today's Economy - A Facilitators Guide to a Visual Workshop Methodology
Taller: La Dinamica de Grupos en el Aprendizaje Escolar
To Change This House: Popular Education Under the Sandanistas.
Today's Globalization: A Toolkit for Popular Education In Your Community, 2nd Edition
Training For Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book 1
Training For Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book 4
Training for Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book II
Training for Transformation: A Handbook for Community Workers, Book III
Trek: Venture into a World of Enough
Understanding and Challenging HIV Stigma: Toolkit for Action
Understanding Economics: Starting With Our Lives
Unpacking Globalization: A Popular Education Toolkit
Very Popular Economic Education Sampler, A
We Have A Choice: Let's Just Do It
What is People's Education? An Approach to Running Workshops
Wild Garden: art, education, and the culture of resistance
Women's Education in the Global Economy: A Workbook of Activities, Games, Skits, and Strategies for Activisits, Organizers, Rebels and Hell Raisers

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