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Cartas a Guinea-Bissau: Apuntes de una Experiencia Pedagogica en Proceso
Chronicles of Love: My Life with Paulo Freire
Cultural Action for Freedom
Culture wars: school and society in the conservative restoration, 1969-1984
Education for Critical Consciousness
Education, the practice of freedom
Ideology Matters
La Formacion Laboral y Sindical Desde una Perspectiva de Genero
Learning to Question : A Pedagogy of Liberation
Letters to Cristina : Reflections on My Life and Work
Literacy: Reading the Word and the World
Mentoring the Mentor : A Critical Dialogue With Paulo Freire (Counterpoints : Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education, Vol 60)
Paulo Freire on Higher Education : A Dialogue at the National University of Mexico
Paulo Freire Reader, The
Pedagogia de la Autonomia: Saberes necesarios para la practica educativa
Pedagogia de la Esperanza, 4a edicion
Pedagogia del Oprimido
Pedagogy for Liberation, A
Pedagogy in Process : The Letters to Guinea Bissau
Pedagogy of Freedom : Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage
Pedagogy of Freedom : Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage (audio cassette)
Pedagogy of Hope : Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Pedagogy of the City
Pedagogy of the Heart
Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Politics and Education (UCLA Latin American Studies, Vol 83)
Politics of Education: Culture Power and Liberation, The
Teachers As Cultural Workers : Letters to Those Who Dare Teach
We Make the Road by Walking : Conversations on Education and Social Change

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