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Adult Environmental Education: A Workbook to Move from Words to Action


Anne Camozzi


International Council for Adult Education







International Council for Adult Education, 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R4, Phone: 416-588-1211




This workbook has been developed to use at a workshop in he Philippines but it is also hoped that it will be used widely as a sampler for developing further training sessions on adult environmental education. Neither the workshop nor the workbook can take over the task and responsibility of local, grassroots programmes and training. There is an urgent need for training in the adult environmental education field and it's hoped that this workbook will assist in that process in some small way. Our main aim is to identify those areas and methods where international cooperation and exchange is most needed so that the most efficient means of networking can be developed. In developing networks it will be critical to use local experience internationally and global experience locally so that a more complete understanding of global issues can be developed. Most educators would agree that there is too little time and too few resources available to risk developing programmes at a national level without some form of international networking. The workbook will begin the process of international cooperation to share experiences, ideas, and concerns and to develop action plans that will enhance adult environmental education in all areas of the world. Most environmental leaders agree on the importance of the education process in changing behaviours, attitudes, and skills so that a more environmentally responsible citizenry can respond to and be literate about environmental and sustainability issues. Critical in the development of these education programs is the need to identify current areas of expertise, experience, and programming.




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