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Mediator's Handbook, The


Jennifer E. Beer with Eileen Stief


New Society Publishers







New Society Publishers P.O. Box 189 Gabriola Island, BC Canada, V0R 1X0 Phone: 250-247-9737 Fax: 250-247-7471 E-mail: info@newsociety.com





The field of mediation has expanded dramatically since Friends Conflict Resolution programs published the original Mediator's Handbook in 1982, the first "how-to" mediation manual available to the public. Since then, mediation has evolved from an alternative approach to conflict resolution for community activists to a process used in corporations, criminal justice systems, and government agencies. Mediation has now become a profession, with university degrees and professional associations, but the authors stress that, although professional mediators play an important role.many people can learn to use basic mediation processes and skills." The Mediator's Handbook is laid out in workbook style, with large, easy-to-read print, clear headings, and simple explanatory illustrations and graphics. Continuously in print for fifteen years, The Mediator's Handbook provides a time-tested, flexible model for effective mediation in diverse environments and situations. Completely revised, the new edition provides a clear overview of mediation and conflict; a section that walks through each step in the mediation process; and three "Toolbox" sections which detail the skills and approaches needed for the three main mediator tasks: Supporting the People; Controlling the Process; and Solving the Problem. A final section looks at "Informal Mediation," including helpful ideas for mediating family conflicts, workplace conflicts, and conflicts among children and teenagers. Whether new to the art of mediation or an experienced professional, people working in corporations, government agencies, community organizations, schools, and any other situation where there is a need to build bridges between diverse perspectives will find The Mediator's Handbook a valuable resource.




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