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On Our Feet: Taking Steps to Challenge Women's Oppression. A handbook on gender and popular education workshops


Liz Mackenzie


Centre for Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) University of the Western Cape











This handbook was produced by the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) in South Africa. CACE aims to build and extend adult education for a non-racist, non-sexist democratic society, to train adult educators formally and non-formally, to provide resources for adult and community educators, to support research, to hold workshops and to publish materials to further these aims. This is their classic pop-ed text focusing on gender! "On Our Feet" was written "mainly for women" and aims to help them "to challenge the gender bias in organizations and educational programmes." Another aim of the handbook is to "help create a network of adult or popular educators who will actively challenge gender oppression." The handbook grew out of several workshops on women's oppression and popular education in 1990 and 1991. The book covers three areas: 1. Background understanding of terms used; 2. Reports from the workshops, highlighting the everyday experiences of women living in South Africa, and; 3. Exercises to help readers develop their own understanding and strategies for action. Accessible to "beginners," the book includes detailed instructions on how to actually organize a workshop, as well as detailed descriptions of and instructions for carrying out specific exercises within those workshops. At the end of the book, in addition to the standard bibliography, readers will find an easy-to-use glossary of key terms and to key techniques used in the book. TABLE OF CONTENTS About this handbook SECTION 1 - GETTING A FOOTHOLD Background on gender and popular education Chapter 1: Towards an understanding of gender and women's oppression Chapter 2: Oppression: a look at women's experiences Chapter 3: Popular education: away to challenge gender oppression SECTION 2 - STEPPING OUT Organizing and running a workshop to challenge gender oppression Chapter 4: Planning and designing a workshop Chapter 5: Facilitation of group work SECTION 3 - UP AND RUNNING A selection of workshop exercises on gender oppression Chapter 6: Exercises for a workshop: group building Chapter 7: Workshop activities: Sharing experiences of women's oppression Chapter 8: Workshops activities: making sense of women's oppression Chapter 9: Workshop activities: challenging women's oppression Keeping on the move THE BACK OF THE BOOK Handy reference terms Hand reference to workshop techinques Useful resources Feedback form Order form




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