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Ready for Action: A Popular Theatre Popular Education Manual


Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer Michol, Joshua Silverberg


Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG), (Reprinted by the Catalyst Centre)











This manual was written by the Enviromaniacs, a popular theatre group at the University of Waterloo, in an effort to share knowledge and experience gained by the group in their many years of pop theatre work. It provides an overview of ideas, materials, and resources dealing with popular theatre and popular education, and connects and links the theory to concrete exercises, which comprise the majority of this book. But the focus here is on concrete exercises for groups who want to jump into the popular theatre process. It includes energizer exercises, analytical exercises, reflection and evaluation exercises, as well as ideas for doing street theatre and pop theatre workshops. Table of Contents Introduction Overview Who might use this manual How to use this manual Why this manual was written How this manual is organized I. Concepts and Ideas Education and learning Popular Education Pop Theatre: A tool for social change II. Group Process Sharing framework Group Focus and planning The 7 steps of planning III. Popular Education Theatre Activities Play time begins Games format Section A: Initiation warm-up exercises Section B: Movement and vocal exercises Section C: Concentration exercises Section D: Improvisational exercises Section E: On the way to creating plays Section F: Street Theatre Section G: Creating a Popular Theatre workshop IV. Popular Education Exercises The Spiral Creativity model Sharing ideas and experience Exploring and analyzing issues Group building Planning for action and and ideas for action Carrying out action Refection and evaluation Simulation games and role plays Debriefing V. Resources




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