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Grassroots Journalism : A Practical Manual for Doing the Kind of Newswriting that Doesn't Just Get People Angry, But Active --That Doesn't Just Inform, But Inspires


Eesha Williams


The Apex Press







The Apex Press Council on International and Public Affairs, Suite 3C 777 United Nations Plaza New York Ny 10017 www.cipa-apex.org





Grassroots Journalism is not just for journalists. In part a how-to manual, in part a reference book, and in part an inspirational incitement to action, this book will be of interest to all who, as author Williams puts it, "are aware that someone is taking advantage of them" and want to do something about it. Part One focuses on what a grassroots journalist (Williams sometimes uses the term "reporter-organizer") actually does and where she or he might find work. Also included is an inspiring chapter of stories where such journalism actually made a difference in the towns where the stories were published. Part Two, the longest part of the book, is the "how-to" part of the book, filled with the nuts-and-bolts skills that a would-be journalist-organizer will need to get started practicing the craft. Chapters include "How to Find the Issues in a Community that Will Get Your Audience Agitated and Agitating," "Using the Internet to Do Research," and "Putting It All Together." While the section focuses on building concrete skills, the techniques and anecdotes used will be of interest to anyone who uses the media and has an interest in "how it works." The final 20-page section of the book concisely states the author's case for why we need "energizing, community-based journalism." This is the more theoretical part of the book. Almost a quarter of the entire book-40 pages-is devoted to a multi-part Appendix, labeled simply "Resources." Here readers will find a comprehensive bibliography and a wide range of organizations and education resources. The section called "Reporter's Rollodex"-organized around a variety of issues, from labor, to the environment, to electoral politics, to transportation, to the media- will be of particular usefulness to any journalist and any organizer looking to get a start on researching their issue. The short book is laid out in a large, workbook-style format, using a large typeface and including lots of graphics, photos, and cartoons, making it easy on the eyes.




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