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Teach Me To Thunder: A Training Manual for Anti-Racism Trainers


Alma Estable, Mechthild Meyer and Gordon Pon


From the Margin Publishing & the Canadian Labour Congress




201 = appendixes







"Anti-racism training is based in a critical pedagogy; it demands cooperation, participation, respect, critical thinking, honesty, creativity and commitment. Anti-racism training is participatory and interactive, and employs both experiential and conventional learning techniques, in the context of adult learning strategies. Anti-racism training is one of many means to an end, not an end in itself." (p. 9) "Teach Me To Thunder" was written with the intention of promoting dialogue among anti-racism workers about theoretical issues, while sharing practical perspectives involved in the complex task of anti-racism training. Presented in a three-ring-binder format, with removable pages, this book was clearly intended as a hands-on tool for use by people working in the field. The book is divided into five main sections. The fifth and longest section "Training Activities" is an extensive, detailed, and practical set of ideas and instructions on how to carry out actual anti-racism training exercises. The four sections preceding it provide the theoretical context within which the activities are to be understood and used. The theoretical points touched on in the four sections What does Anti-Racism training mean?; Why do we do Anti-Racism training?;.Notes to the trainer, and; Why conduct a training needs assessment and how to do it. discuss such points as how 'race' happens in a culture of whiteness, the relationship of anti-racism training to anti-racist action, and what trainers need to know about themselves, among many others. The book avoids the trap of assuming that people currently engaged in training have already covered "the basics." The authors take the time to discuss such 'basic' issues as "what we mean by "race," the meaning of race as a social construct, and "How is anti-racist raining supposed to work?" Following the section on training activities, the authors offer an extensive set of handouts and overheads for use by trainers. The book concludes with a section of "Additional Information," which is essentially a bibliography and resource list. Table of Contents What does Anti-Racism training mean? Why do we do Anti-Racism training? Notes to the trainer Why conduct a training needs assessment and how to do it Training Activities Overview of Activities How to Use and Select the Training Activities Themes of Training Activities: Warm-Up Activities Culture and Stereotyping Bias and Racism Immigration Immigrant Women Media Analysis Communication Workplace Situations Organizational Change Wrap-up Activities




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