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Education for Changing Unions


Beverley Burke, JoJo Geronimo, D'Arcy Martin, Barb Thomas, Carol Wall


Between the Lines











Education for Changing Unions is a compilation of experiences, knowledge, and reflection on the use of education in unions. It consciously plays with the word "changing," - to paraphrase the authors in their introduction - by celebrating the unions that are using education as a strategy of change as well as supporting activists who are working to increase the will and capacity of unions. To quote from the book's Forward by Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Harvard Trade Union Program, the books is "One third labour education toolkit, one third autobiography, and one third reflective conversation on the craft of union education." The five authors are seasoned labor and community educators who have contributed their life work and personal wisdom to this collaborative piece. With thoughtfulness, they outline the complexities, possibilities, pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities involved in union organizing and union education. Education for Changing Unions is a rich, stimulating, and provocative storehouse of ideas, practical exercises and debate about union education. It is written in a clear and accessible style, designed to inspire and empower working people and activists in many settings and locations. It celebrates the effectiveness of union education in promoting social change and supports activists working to strengthen democracy and participation within unions. Table of Contents Part 1 The Job of Union Education 1. The Union Educator: What's the Job?....12 2. Working Inside: Navigating the Union Culture....18 3. Union Education in a Globalizing Economy....28 Pause "Where Are We Five Coming From?"....39 Traditions Shaping Our Educational Practice....46 A Gift and a Challenge by WUT-TUN-NEE (Tim Brown)....53 Part 2 The Craft of Union Education 4. Designing the Program....56 5. Making Activities Work....78 6. Our Favourite Union Education Activities....90 7. Facilitation....132 8. The Power of Co-Facilitation....159 Part 3 Making Our Presence Felt 9. Evaluation for Impact....172 10. Worker Educator Programs....191 11. Strategic Planning....215 12. Staying the Course....228 Appendix: More of Our Favourite Union Education Activities....241 Resources and Sources....273




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