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Roots of Terror - A Popular Education Toolkit, The


Dan Horowitz de Gracia, Waldo Katz-Fishman, Andrew Payne, and Jerome Scott


Project South







Project South, 9 Gammon Ave., Atlanta, GA 30315, Phone: 404-622-0602, Fax: 404-622-6618





Roots of Terror is the fourth in a series of popular education tool kits developed by Project South. This one is based on a workshop originally created by Dan Horowitz, Stan Mosley, and Andrew Payne of Project South. Project South is a broad-based, community-driven membership organization that develops popular political and economic education and action research for organizing and liberation. We develop indigenous popular educators and movement leaders from grassroots and scholar-activist backgrounds, bringing them together on the basis of equality to engage in building a bottom-up movement for social and economic justice. The materials in the three ring binder that makes the kit are divided into seven parts: Project South and This Toolkit, An Analysis of the Moment, Using Popular Education, Learning the lessons from History, The Workshop, Case Studies Cheat Sheets, Case Studies Articles, and Other Resources. An analysis of the Moment includes a glossary of terms and an analysis of what has happened since 9-11 and of building a movement in the midst of a growing police state. Using Popular education outlines the Project South principles and guidelines for their methodology. Learning the Lessons from History presents a Terror Timeline tool presenting the history of political violence for use in workshops. The Workshop gives sample agendas, descriptions of a few activities, and suggestions for using critical questions. The two parts of the toolkit on case studies together make up the materials for a workshop activity for learning about and analyzing four cases political violence and terror in US history: Black Radical Tradition, Puerto Rican Resistance to US Colonization, Fighting the Good Fight, and McCarthyism & the Culture of Fear. The final part on Other Resources lists resources available from Project South as well as where to find more information. Here is what the Project South website says about the toolkit: Did the events of September 11 change everything? Or did they give a pretext for permanent war, fully funded militarism and a police state? How do we respond? The new Project South toolkit addresses these questions using the history of people's movements. Using the popular education exercises within the toolkit we explore the definition of "terrorism" as well as how to organize under greater political repression. Most importantly, we use our own lived experience to determine how to use this moment to build a movement for social and economic justice.




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