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It Ain't Just About a Vote: Defining Democracy for Movement Building


Dan Horowitz de Garcia


Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide







Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide 9 Gammon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30315





Project South is a broad-based, community-driven membership organization that develops popular political and economic education and action research for organizing and liberation. The organization develops indigenous popular educators and movement leaders from grassroots and scholar-activist backgrounds, bringing them together on the basis of equality to engage in building a bottom-up movement for social and economic justice. This is, roughly speaking, a toolkit for democracy. It was published during an election year, but is careful to highlight the role of democracy outside the vote: "being free must also include more than a vote, it has to include full participation in decision making." The focus is thus not only on changing the way in which marginalized and oppressed peoples react to and particpate in a democratic society, but changing the way in which democracy is defined and viewed. The toolkit contains a variety of excercises developed from experiences with grassroots organizations, with the dominant goal of beginning conversations on the larger, longer term view of democracy and movement building. It begins with a glossary of terms, moves on to analysis and history, details the workshop, and concludes with a list of resources. True to its roots in popular education, Project South encourages readers and workshop facilitators to " use the tools in this toolkit as a beginning -- then change and shape them into an educational process that works for you." Table of Contents I. Project South and This Toolkit II. An Analysis of Democracy III. Using Popular Education IV. Learning the Lessons from History V. The Workshop VI. Other Resources




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