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New Weave of Power, People, and Politics, A: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation


Lisa VeneKlasen with Valerie Miller


World Neighbors







World Neighbors 4127 NW 122nd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73120





This is an "Action Guide" designed for people and organizations wrestling with issues of power, politics, and exclusion. It goes further than previous advocacy manuals in its analysis of questions of citizenship, constituency-building, social change, gender, and accountability. Specifically, the book is designed for NGO's and grassroots groups, donor institutions that want to support advocacy programs, development agencies, and trainers, activists, organizers and researchers who wish to promote more accountable political processes and responsive development policies. The guide's approach to advocacy is multi-faceted and too expansive to detail here; a few critical aspects are: "building the capacity of marginalized groups to express their voices and vote for change," "applying a rights-based approach to policy change and concrete problem-solving," and "incorporating a long-term vision of change with commitment to social justice and equity." The book covers many topics and includes many exercises, tools, resources, tips and stories. It is devided into three parts: Understanding Politics, Planning Advocacy, and Doing Advocacy. Additionally, the beginning of the book supplies a brief overview of each chapter so as to make the book more managable and navigable. Feedback upon reading and/or implementation of activities is encouraged. In summary, this book is a guide "based on critical reflection by the authors over decades of experience in their collaborative work in doing popular education for democracy, human rights, and social justice in many continents of the globe" (forward by John Gaventa).




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