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Economics Education: Building a Movement for Global Economic Justice


Ed. Mary Zerkel


The American Friends Service Committee







For more info: Praxis/Economic Justice Project 637 Dearborn, 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60605





The Praxis/Economic Justice Project is a program which combines leadership training through a popular education lens with economic justice as a major focus. It is a program of the Chicago office of the American Friends Service Committee. This book is the second in a series entitled "Critical Thinking for Meaningful Action." It is aimed at community activists, organizers, union member, and anyone interested in learning more about the way the economy affects our lives. In particular, it would be useful to those who want to work with others to change some of the economic and social conditions that affect them. This book presents an analysis of the global economy in an accessible way, supplying handouts and ideas for exercises that can be copied for use in groups or workshops. In leadership training, the book proposes five elements of leadership for social change: critical thinking, collective vision, spirit, strategic planning, and democratic process. The manual begins with a historical overview of popular education, a look at the meaning of praxis, and a summary of key Freirean principles. It supplies an overview of neoliberalism and addresses both personal and international debt. When introducing organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank, the book includes a historical overview and basic functions of the organizations, as well as common critiques they face. There are case studies and activities involving SAP's (structural adjustment programs) that aim to illucidate the impact of such policies. This is followed by detailed chapters on free trade and privatization. The book contains a variety of visual aids, including pictures, diagrams and tables. The final chapter is titled "Resources" and includes a list of organizations working for global economic justice.




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