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Power Tools: A Manual for Organizations Fighting for Justice


Eds. Patricial Castellanos and Deepak Pateriya


Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE)







SCOPE 1715 West Florence Ave Los Angeles, CA 90047





Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education is a grassroots organization combining community organizing, alliance building, community-based research and training and capacity building to shape a strong movement for social and systemic change. Their goal is to reduce and eliminate structural barriers to social and economic opportunities for poor and ecnomically disadvantaged communities. Over the past ten years, AGENDA, The Environmental and Economic Justice Project (EEJP), and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Alliance (all housed by SCOPE) have developed, used, and shared many effective social change tools that have been critical to their own successes. The tools have been created through the organizational on-the-ground efforts of SCOPE members and staff, and through innovations and lessons shared and learned from past and present movements. This manual is a composition of those tools which SCOPE has found to be the most effective, and was published in an effort not only to document these successes, but also to further the movement building process of sharing and learning from one another. The manual appraoches social change through the Strategic Training and Education for Power (STEP) Project, which involves an intensive program of training, capacity building, and developing new strategies for progressive grassroots organizations. The program is initatied in part through the Theory of Social Change (TOSC) Framework, a system and an interconnected set of tools that an organization can use in achieving long term social change goals. The manual is divided by tabs into the following sections: Introduction Chapter I: Intro to Theory of Social Change Chapter II: Social Change Goals Chapter III: Power Analysis Chapter IV: Worldview Analysis Chapter V: Strategies for Power Building Chapter VI: Campaigns Examples Appendix The manual includes a variety of handouts and worksheets, as well as a DVD containing "materials."




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