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Free Trade.Free Rein for Transnational Corporations


Josť Victor Aguilar and Miguel Cavada Diez; Translated by Kathy Ogle


EPICA: Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean







Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean 1470 Irving St. NW Washington, DC 20010





Originally published in Spanish by the Equipo Maiz organization in El Salvador, this books looks at the world of free trade and neoliberal economic policies and their effect on the poor in Latin America. Equipo Maiz has been publishing books on popular education for ten years in an effort to contribute to a better understanding, analysis and debate on topics of grassroots movements in Latin America. This English version was printed in the hopes of reaching and aiding grassroots organizations in the United States and Canada. This book addresses free trade but is particularly concerned with the recent U.S.-led proposals for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). The prominent thesis of this book is that free trade, instead of promoting "freedom" and development in poor countries, is instead generating extraordinary power and wealth for transnational companies while polarizing the poor to further desparity. While the authors admit they are critical of free trade, they also believe it is important to present possible alternatives or solutions to current problems associated with global economic development. For this reason, there is a focus on the work and proposals of civil society groups that wish to establish more just trade relations. Although the book is predominantly concerned with the way in which free trade effects people in poor countries, it also touches upon the effects of the poor or underclasses in places such as the U.S. and Canada. The authors encourage people working with such affected groups in the U.S. and Canada to share their knowledge, experience, and reflections with the Equipo Maiz group. The book begins with a short introduction, followed by 8 chapters, a bibliography, and a resources page with names and internet sites of organizations for futher reading on free trade and anti-globalization movements. The eight chapters are titled: 1. International Trade: What Does it Have to do With Me? 2. Key Words Related to International Trade 3. The History of Trade in the World 4. The World Trade Organization (WTO) 5. Trade Blocks 6. Trade Agreements and Their Impact on Women 7. The Movement Against Unfair and Unequal Trade 8. Proposals for Fair International Trade The book contains many pictures and diagrams to visually aid understanding.




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