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Ten Plagues of Globalization


José Victor Aguilar and Miguel Cavada; Translated by Cathy Ogle


EPICA: Ecumenical Program on Latin America and the Caribbean







Ecumenical Program on Latin America and the Caribbean 1470 Irving Street, NW Washington, DC 20010





This book deals with issues of economic globalization. As our world has become increasingly interrelated, it is evident that all forms of policies and practices are not bound by country lines. This is not necessarily a bad thing, the authors argue. However, the rise and dominance of neoliberal economic policies in the globalized world is. The authors see three prominent recent tendencies of the world economy: 1. slower worldwide economic growth; 2. a global economy that is more speculative than real; and, 3. economic growth is separated from the wellbeing of the population. In light of this, the authors ask: can we globalize social justice? The text looks at ten of the negative consequences of neoliberal globalization--called plagues because the authors see them as threatening the very existence of humanity. These consequences are illuminated so that we can all work towards a more just system that will benefit everyone. Each chapter represents one "plague." They are: 1. Growth in Poverty and Inequality 2. Greater Consentration of Income 3. The Explosion of Consumption and Exclusion 4. Increase in Unimployment and Growth in the Informal Sector 5. The Loss of Labor Rights and the Double Exploitation of Women 6. Environmental Deterioration 7. Less Participation of Poor Countries in World Trade 8. The Economic Domination of Transnational Companies 9. Financial Crisis 10. Decrease in International Assistance and Increase in Foreign Debt Almost every page contains a drawing or cartoon, and there are also many tables and quotes. Key facts are highlighted along the page margins. What www.americas.org says about this book: "In a fun and easily understood manner, this book explains the primary problems generated by the global economic system, including environmental damage, concentration of wealth, and unemployment. A translation of "10 plagas de la globalización neoliberal" written by Equipo Maiz, a Salvadoran popular education organization. Part of the economic literacy series, designed to explain the basics of the world economic order in a way everyone can understand. Covers elements of history as well as the way these economic policies are affecting our lives and the lives of others. Full of cartoon images by the renowned Alfredo Burgos and Oscar Chicas."




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