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Understanding and Challenging HIV Stigma: Toolkit for Action


Ross Kidd and Sue Clay


The CHANGE Project







The CHANGE Project Academy for Educational Development 1825 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20009





This toolkit was written by AIDS activists from over 50 nongovernmental organisations in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia. They participated in workshops where they explored the implications of stigma and designed the exercises on different aspects of stigma. The Toolkit is a resource collection of participatory educational exercises for use in raising awareness and promoting action to challenge HIV stigma. Trainers can select from the exercises to plan their own courses for different target groups-both AIDS professionals and community groups. The Toolkit was developed to provide people working in the AIDS field-especially the "front-line" workers-with a set of flexible educational materials to raise their own understanding and help them facilitate awareness raising with community groups. The aim is to help people at all levels understand stigma-what it means, why it is an important issue, what are its root causes-and develop strategies to challenge stigma and discrimination. The idea behind the toolkit is to create a safe space where AIDS professionals and community members can talk about their own fears and concerns about AIDS, look at the roots of stigma and how it affects people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs), families, children and communities and develop strategies and skills to confront stigma and discrimination. The toolkit is composed of seven "modules," each containing various exercises to go along with the information posed in the chapter. Module A: Naming the Problem Module B: More Understanding Less Fear Module C: Sex, Morality, Shame and Blame Module D: Caring For PLHAs In the Family Module E: PLHAs Coping With Stigma Module F: Understanding Stigma Faced By Children Module G: Moving To Action These are followed by a series of annexes, which are: Stigma Research Findings Sample Workshop Timetables and Exercises Pictures (for full-size pictures, click here) Fact Sheets 4a. Anti-Retroviral Therapy 4b. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 4c. HIV Testing 4d. QQR 4e. TB Quiz: What Do I Know About HIV and AIDS? HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet Erikson's Stages Of Human Development Feedback Form




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