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Unpacking Globalization: A Popular Education Toolkit


member organizations in ELAN


Economic Literacy Action Network







The Highlander Research and Education Center, 1959 Highlander Way, New Market TN 37820, Phone: 865-933-3443





This book is a tool kit created by the members of the Economic Literacy Action Network (ELAN). ELAN was founded in November 1996 to coordinate the work of national and regional organizations and trainers who provide economic literacy and popular economics education programs to build movements for social change. At the back of this book is a directory, to share more about the g roups that make up ELAN. The book provides materials that could help people strengthen their analysis of globalization and share ideas of ways people are struggling against globalization internationally. The materials have come from groups that already been working for years to help people in the U.S. understand more about the deepening strength of global institutions and their broadening effect on peoples' lives around the world. The book's approach is to create some educational sessions that would bring out information participants already knew, that helped make connections between issues, constituencies and nations, and that encouraged people to fight back. The tools provided by the book are intended for smaller groups, not huge auditoriums of people. They can be used by themselves or in combination with others. The Introduction to the book includes a useful summary of popular education principles and practices and the creators of the book's tips for using the book. The sessions and the ELAN members who created them are below. Sessions: Are My Clothes Clean? Women and the Global Assembly Line (Women of Color Resource Center) A Global Economy Workshop and a Globalization Glossary (Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network & Highlander Research and Education Center) The Korean Tiger- Analyzing the Asian Financial Crisis (Center for Ethics and Economic Policy JustAct- Youth ACTion for Global JUSTice) Privatization (American Friends Service Committee) Sweating it Out with the WTO - a Trainer's Guide (United for a Fair Economy) Welfare in the Global Economy (Project South Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide) Women's Labor and Economic Globalization (Alternative \X/omen in Development! New York) A Directory of the members of ELAN is given at the end of the book.




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