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WTO for Beginners, Trainers Guide


United for a Fair Economy


United for a Fair Economy







37 Temple Place, 2nd Floor Boston, MASS 02111





UFE (United for a Fair Economy) is part of a long-term effort to build a mass grassroots movement against corporate globalization, and a short-term drive to support protest at the 1999 World Trade Organization Ministerial in Seattle, specifically against the proposed "Millennium Round." To be successful, UFE sees these campaigns in great need of massive public education, as well as a call to action. Thus, UFE has published a series of manuals and training guides seeking to facilitate the accomplishment of both these goals. This manual is the workshop facilitator's accompaniment to United for a Fair Economy's "WTO for Beginners." The manual is divided into two parts: the first is the "Trainer's Guide for a One-Hour UFE Workshop," while the second is simply a duplicate copy of the original "WTO for Beginners" manual. The Trainers Guide is a workshop outline that is presents a suggested menu of activies and information from which the facilitator may select. It is not expected that the group leader would cover all the information and activities in an hour, but, rather, that they follow the audience's lead and spend more time on the topics that build from the audience's experience. The objectives of the workshop are: 1. Create a basic understanding of the global economy 2. Build support for protest in Seattle 3. Identify a base of people for educating and organizing after Seattle. The workshop outline is as follows: 1. How are you connected to the global economy? 2. Who has power in the global economy? 3. How does the global economy threaten us? 4. How can we take the power away?




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