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FTAA for Beginners


United for a Fair Economy


United for a Fair Economy







United for a Fair Economy 37 Temple Place, 2nd Floor Boston, MA 02111





UFE (United for a Fair Economy) is part of a long-term effort to build a mass grassroots movement against corporate globalization. This manual is a "Participant Handout Packet" and is geared and illuminating the negative effects of free trade agreements. It describes and explains NAFTA and its aftermath, while presenting the potential hazards of a Free Trade Association of the Americas (FTAA). The staff of UFE feel that while most people in the US would oppose the negative effects of unfair globalized trade such as destruction of the environment and abuse of worker's rights, there lacks a clear understanding of key organizations and agreements such as the WTO and NAFTA leading to a deficiency in activism. To educate the masses for greater grassroots movement against these organizations, UFE has created manuals and workshops such as this one. This manual contains a variety of facts, displayed predominantly through a series of graphs, charts, and articles. The contents of this handbook is as follows: 1. NAFTA Promises and Realities 2. Survey 3. FTAA = NAFTA Expansion 4. Charts (2 per page) 5. Background on Corporate Bill of Rights 6 Some Racially-Specific Effects of Globalization 7. Some Ways that Globalization Effects Women 8. Case Studies on NAFTA and the FTAA 9. How NAFTA Changed the Rules and How the FTAA Could Change Them 10. FTAA Fact Sheet 11. Free Trade is another form of structural adjustment, by Maude Barlow 12. FTAA Resources 13. NAFTA Resources 14. "Wall Street is out to conquer 31 countries" from The Hightower Lowdown, edited by Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer 15. "Sovereign Corporations" by William Greider. The Nation, 4/30/01.




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