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Chronicles of Love: My Life with Paulo Freire


Ana Maria Ara˙jo Freire


Peter Lang Publishing







New York





This is a love story, told from the perspective of the woman who knew Paulo Freire perhaps better than any other living person. It is an informative account of the marriage and relationship of Paulo and Nita Freire. In the forward to the book, Marta Suplicy writes: "Chronicles of Love illuminates the steps taken by Paulo in understanding and coming to terms with the world. It indicates how he- a boy without wide horizons in Recife, with financial difficulties and pain in the home- dealt with th new. It shows how he developed his learning ability, his creativity, and his thinking about what he did not know, the unkown, with which one has no intimacy and that generates fear." The author explains her own motivation for the book in her first chapter: "I want to relive moments lived with Paulo--on Valenca Street and any part of the world--with humor, respect, and longing. Speaking about the apperently simple day-to-day details of our life helps reclaim some of it and shows how much everyday gestures and facts dignify one's relationships with other people and cultures. With these stories I also intend to quench my longing for Paulo before it immobilizes me. This way whatever life I have from him and with him will continue to live in me. I miss him, but he is--and I want him to be always--present in my life. Narrating these stories means maintaining this presence, reclaiming my past; it means reliving my reminiscences; it means living my inheritance.Today I share with you my very own inheritance of the past. It was built with Paulo yesterday."




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