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Advocacy for Social Justice: A Global Action and Reflection Guide


David Cohen, Rosa de la Vega, and Gabrielle Watson


Kumarian Press







Kumarian Press 1294 Blue Hills Avenue Bloomfield, CT 06002





This book was born as a response to a growing interest on the part of civil society organizations from around the world for practical materials that would enrich and accelerate their organizational learning processes about advocacy. The basic, original goal was to help these organizations identify and understand elements of advocacy and to understand how to practice advocacy in diverse settings. At its core, the project approached advocacy as an art that motivates and inspires people to fulfill their visions. There is also a significant focus on innovation, craft, and leadership. The manual provides materials and resources for teachers, trainers, and practitioners in the field of advocacy, as well as for students of social movements and transnational advocacy. It may be digested in whatever order the reader finds fit. Each of the three main contributors author one major part of the book. Part 1, Reflections on Advocacy, provides a general conceptual foundation of advocacy. The body of the section is devoted to "Lessons from Social Movement Advocacy," detailing 12 key aspects to advocacy and allowing readers to adapt their skills to diverse situations. Part 2, Advocacy Skills, speaks largely to "Strategy Development" and "Skill Building," again aiding the reader in adapting and personalizing an effective form of advocacy. Part 3, Advocacy Case Studies, provides examples of various situations and locations where effective advocacy was practiced. The fourth and final section of the book is the "Advocacy Resource Directory" and provides an abundance of resources for a variety of advocates and organizations. The project is the result of a unique collaboration between two relatively distinct organizations: Oxfam America and the Advocacy Institute. Both are united with a shared commitment to social justice and building the capacity of civil society organizations to influence public policy.




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