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How to Make a Difference: A Citizen's Guide to State Government


Betty Bayless, Erica Buffington, and Jean Tews; revised by Carol Frisch


League of Women Voters of Minnesota







League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund 550 Rice Street St. Paul, MN 55103





The purpose of the League of Women Voters is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to act on selected governmental issues. The League of Women Voters of Minnesota introduce the book by stating "It's our right and our responsibility as citizens of the United States to become involved in the governmental process. We can do this best if we are first informed on the issues and then effectively communicate our concerns." This book is a guide for those who wish to fulfill that responsibility, but may not know the best ways in which they can achieve their goals. The League assures us that "Every citizen can have a say in the policy-making process at all levels of government," and that "we can all be lobbyists." The manual then sets out describing and outlining the United States governmental system and the system of lobbying so that readers themselves may chose the method of participation that best suits them. The sections included are: Citizen Involvement Legislative Information Terms Used in the Legislative Process How to Lobby Who's Who at the Legislature State Executive General Information Minnesota Elected Officials in National Office Appendix Acknowledgements The book includes charts and maps; from explaining the process of lobbying to detailing the Minnesota Legislature grounds. It also includes an abundance of contact information, from the Minnesota Senate Hotline to the personal office number of every single member of the Minnesota Legislature (of the year of publishing). It offers, as resources, a number of lobbyist organization already in existence, noting that one way in which the individual reader may be most effective is to join an already existing organization that aligns with their visions and has contact with legislative members. Useful appendices include: "How to Lobby with your Computer" and "Publications to Prepare You for Action."




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