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Recipes for Organizing: The USOCA Cookbook


U.S. Out of Central America


U.S. Out of Central America







USOCA 2940 16th Street, Suite 7 San Francisco, CA 94103



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This manual is a tool for building and organizing USOCA--U.S. Out of Central America--a national organization of people opposed to U.S. intervention in that region. It seeks a movement not unlike that which occurred against the Vietnam War- both in sheer numerical support and passionate opposition- in order to preserve peace in our own hemisphere and in the world. However, the manual supplies more than just tools towards the achievement of this single goal. The book includes suggestions, hints, and methods of organizing that can be applied or adapted to different situations. The authors stress that, while they have composed a series of methods that in the past have seemed to work, there is no straightforward formula for organizing that may be universally applied. Just as with other organizing and popular education manuals, the tools offer here are a guide for each individual to take from and apply as they see fit. The manual also supplies samples and forms to help the reader keep track of their work and ideas. The book is clearly divided by a series of labelled tabs. The sections are as follows: Building a USOCA Chapter Distribution of Literature Lobbying Administration Fundraising Community Education Publicity Direct Action Medical Supplies and Delegations Checklist: Is Your Chapter Healthy? The book concludes with "Robert's Rules of Order," a useful resource for maintaining order during discussions in large meetings and to keep the debate from becoming confused.




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