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Our Communities Are Not For Sale!: Local - Global Links in the Fight against Privatization


eds. Mike Prokosch and Karen Dolan


United for a Fair Economy







United for a Fair Economy 37 Temple Place Boston, MASS 02111 or www.FairEconomy.org/Privatization





Our Communites Are Not For Sale! is organized and authored by United for a Fair Economy and the Institute for Policy Studies. The two groups are commited to education and mobilization to strengthen and diversify the U.S. movement against corporate-led globalization. This pamphlet was conceived at a meeting of 70 people who work on global and local justice, convened by Jobs with Justice and the 50 Years Is Enough Network in June 2001. During this meeting, it was noted that millions of people in communities across the United States are fighting the same forces of privatization and deregulation that the World Bank and the IMF are imposing on Africa, Latin America and Asia. People around the world depend upon public services such as clean drinking water and public hospitals and schools. Privatization threatens the accesibility of these services to all people, whatever region of the world they may be in. The hope is that this pamphlet will provide a common frame to pull the activists from various regions around the world, and within the United States, together. The authors admit that the pamphlet is not, by any means, comprehensive. In it is details some of the U.S. service sectors where data and stories could be found with the help of dozens of unions and organizations. The services that UFE and IPS include as "Not For Sale" are: Education Public Health Care Public Housing Welfare Public Safety and Justice Water Social Security Each section is two pages long, and contains photos and examples of the privatization and its effects of the specified service from around the world. There is a historical background given, as well as "Tools for Organizing" at the end of the section.




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