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Pilot Study Circles Project on the IMF, World Bank and the Global Economy


Many Rivers Popular and Folk Education Alliance


Many Rivers Popular and Folk Education Alliance










The Many Rivers Popular and Folk Education Alliance is a networking collaboration of organizations, activists, educators, practitioners, and others who are in solidarity with people who are struggling with social, economic and environmental justice. Together we seek to create educational experiences and popular education training opportunities that empower leadership and collective action by people in their communities working for democratic change. This pilot project begins with a page outlining the study circle preparation, process, and guidelines. It also requests feedback on the study circle. The process is specifically for a participant facilitated study circle, one type among several varying circles. The point of the circle is to identify individually and then collectively conflicts and values that are raised in the materials or articles supplied in the handbook. Included in the handbook are seven articles reflecting on various aspects of the IMF, the World Bank, and the Global Economy. These articles are: The ABC's of the Global Economy 20 Questions on the IMF In Focus: The World Bank The Bankruptcy of Classical Economics Rethinking liberalism and reforming the WTO The Personal and Professional Evolution of Walter Heines Debt and Trade: Implications for the WTO Process Each circle participant is to bring their reflections on parts in two to three of the articles they found particularly interesting or surprising. Those at the Alliance believe that learning effective processes for group discussions is both an important goal as well as something we can all stand to improve. There are skills involved that can be developed by experience and mindfulness as well as by systematic study. Groups are invited to devote a part of their brains to the problem of you group processes and to do ones best to treat others well when dealing with the content of the study circles.




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