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Activist Cookbook, The: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy


Andrew Boyd


United for a Fair Economy







United for a Fair Economy 37 Temple Place, 5th Floor Boston, MA 02111





UFE (United for a Fair Economy) is part of a long-term effort to build a mass grassroots movement against corporate globalization. This particular publication is "a hands-on manual for organizers, artists and educators who want to get their message across in powerful, creative ways." This "cookbook" includes "recipes" for activism; ways in which the individual can do little works every day to speak out against all sorts of globalization-associated ills- from pesticide-enhanced food production to corporate monopolies. The manual begins with a section entitled "The Joy of Cooking" which includes the stories of four inspiring activists, or "cooks." The chapters of the book explain its many purposes: 1. Introduction: a cookbook for the rest of us. 2. Cuisines from Around the World: A survey of styles and modes of creative action. 3. Soup to Nuts: A soup to nuts guide for producing your own creative actions 4. 3-Minute Meals: A buffet of quick and dirty actions and simple ways to spice up routine events. 5. A La Carte From Scratch: A banquet of creative action ideas you can cook up yourself. 6. Trends in American Dining: Background information on economic inequality in the U.S. 7. The American Palate: A survey of common mindsets around wealth and pverty and some strategies for "talkin' equality." 8. Complete Recipes: Complete do-it-yourself kits for producing a few of our pre-designed creative actions. 9. Shopping for Fresh Foods: Additional resources for the curious. 10. Keeping the Kitchen Stocked: How to stay involved with UFE and Art for a Fair Economy. The book is full of pictures, diagrams, and charts, as well as examples of what other people have done in the past. This book also seems to focus on theater and art to an extent that is less common in activist manuals, but praised for its more lively, fun nature. There is a second printing of this handbook, which is identitcal in content but has a more sturdy cover.




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