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Pedagogy of Indignation


Paulo Freire


Paradigm Publishers







Paradigm Publishers 3360 Mitchell Lane Suite C Boulder, CO 80301




This is the last book written by Freire before his death, and was published posthumously in 2004. It contains a forward by Donaldo Macedo, as well as a prologue by Freire's widow Ana Maria Ara˙jo Freire and a "Letter to Paulo Freire" by Balduino A. Andreola. The book deals with issues of child rearing and/or child education, and is especially geared towards the new parent or educator. Freire's purpose in this book was a longtime goal: to write a few pedagogical letters, in a "light style" addressing problems present in relationships with sons and daughters or pupils within day-to-day experience. Freire stresses that these problems would be new ones; ones that would not have been present (or at least would have been dealt with differently) during the parents' or educators' childhood due to the rapid and radical transformations of our time. Freire addresses the critical balance between authority and freedom ("The more authentically we have lived the dialectic tension between authority and freedom, the better we will have equipped ourselves to reasonably overcome crisis, which are more difficult to resolve for those who have surrendered to permissive excesses or have been subjected to the rigors of despotic authority"), and speaks again to the importance of recognizing one's own position and subjectivity within the world. These are key concepts to understanding and facilitating a child's growth and education. Part 1 of this book is composed of three of Freire's "letters": "On the Spirit of this Book", "On the Right and the Duty to Change the World", and "On the Murder of Galdino Jesus dos Santos--Pataxˇ Indian." Part 2 contains "other writings" with chapters such as "The Discovery of America", "Television Literacy", and "Education and Hope." The back jacket summarizes the book by saying: "The book sharpens our sense of the critical faculties of children and shows how a teacher, drawing upon his or her own depth as a person, may work with children to help them realize their potential intellectually and as human beings. These topics are also explored in relation to the wider world: the social constitution of the self in the work of educators, critical citizenship, and the necessity of teaching "from a position" about the world that transcends literacy programs and includes the legacy of colonialism in peoples' resistance movements today."




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