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Community Leader's Workbook, The: The Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Program.


Bernard LaFayette, Jr. and David C Jensen


IHRR Publication, Galena, Ohio







Institute For Human Rights and Responsibilities, Inc. - IHRR Publications, 39 Middle Street, Box 297, Galena OH 43021-0297, Phone: 740-965-5118





The Community Leaders Workbook is designed to assist leadership who support nonviolent education programs in appreciating the full range of issues related to the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his methodology of nonviolent conflict reconciliation. For many years the authors have conducted education and training programs in nonviolence as part of our contribution to developing future leadership in government, the private sector, and local communities. These educational programs have drawn heavily on their personal experiences working with Dr. King and the movement he led for nonviolent social change. For Bernard LaFayette, Jr., who began his involvement in 1959 as a young Baptist seminary student in Nashville, Tennessee, and David C. Jehnsen, a conscientious objector from the Church of the Brethren 'who became involved in the Albany, Georgia movement in 1962, there has been no greater lifetime educational experience than an association with Martin Luther King, Jr. The initial objective in conducting workshops and programs was to share the richness of Dr. King's philosophy and strategies with others. Time and events have carried us beyond what we had anticipated. The need to systematize Dr. King's methodology and to institutionalize research, training, and education programs in nonviolence making them more accessible to others presented new challenges for us as practitioners. This Workbook is a first step to introduce the Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Program. The Community Leaders Workbook for nonviolent leadership education has been produced to introduce communities and their leaders to programs about Kingian nonviolence that are based on The Leaders Manual-A Structured Guide and Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence: The Philosophy and Methodology. Were it not for the ground-swell of interest in nonviolence from every area of the globe combined with the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s commitment to eliminating injustice and coping with the violence of our society, The Community Leader's Workbook need not have been written. Special gratitude is extended to the many who had the foresight to recognize the importance of Dr. King's contribution to our finding truth and an effective approach to the contemporary problems of violence and racial, religious or cultural conflicts. This Community Leader's Workbook has been designed to provide a general introduction to The Leaders Manual and the Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Program. The curriculum is based upon the Manual and rooted in our shared experiences making nonviolence education accessible to diverse groups. It's also for beginners, who are working daily to discover Dr. King's legacy of nonviolent social change and how we might bring our full moral, spiritual, and intellectual capacities to bear on the challenges we face in the future. The program is not a lengthy academic treatise on nonviolence or on Dr. King's life. Rather it is a point of departure toward what we hope will be a long-term journey in applying Dr. King's philosophy and methods to our lives. We invite you to join in this important effort.




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