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Popular Education for Movement Building: A Resource Guide


edited by Abbie Illenberger and Jason Wallach


Project South






Project South Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide, 9 Gammon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30315, (404) 622-0602





Project South is a community-based membership institute that develops and conducts popular political and economic education and ation research for organizing and progressive social change. Currently, their mission is three-fold: cultivating and organizing indigenous popular educators, conducting action research and developing tools for community-based popular education. From publisher's website: ...the first workbook published by Project South and offers tools, ideas, and materials that can be used to build consciousness among people. These offerings are based on the model used by Project South. The model of popular political and economic education and action research brings together people from grassroots and scholarly backgrounds to learn from each other on the basis of equality. It develops new leadership and builds the capacity for strategic thinking. Popular education is a learning process which (1) is accessible to people with a variety of formal education levels; (2) is based on the lived experience of the participants; and (3) addresses the issues people face in their communities. Action research gathers the information necessary to understand the situations and issues we face and enables us to move toward developing a strategy for change. This handbook is meant to inspire "everyday people" to truly understand the history and the underlying problems of our society, and to act to fundamentally change our world. The manual contains many charts, graphs and fold-out timelines to visually aid the learning process. It is structured in workshop format, including a variety of activities and quizzes. Aside from the introduction, there are five parts to the manual: 1. Project South's Critical Issues Toolbox: Welfare in the Global Economy 2. Criminal Injustice and the Growing Police State 3. The Changing Face of Health Care 4. The Small Working Groups 5. Appendices The Appendices section includes a "Really Detailed Welfare Timeline" and a list of useful, related organizations.




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