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To Change This House: Popular Education Under the Sandanistas.


Deborah Barndt


Between the Lines Press, Toronto







Between the Lines, 394 Euclid Ave., #203, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2S9, Canada





To Change This House documents Nicaragua's educational revolution of the 1980s. After Somoza's overthrow in 1979, the Sandanista government initiated a successful literacy crusade based upon concepts of popular education. In the author's words, "[this book] is a review of a whole host of government-run and community-based educational programs." To Change This House illuminates the accomplishments of these programs as they tie into revoluntionary change. It also offers an opportunity for North Americans and Nicaraguans alike to critically reflect on the process a decade later. The book is divided into ten chapters, each presenting a close look at one program in one organization at a certain point in time. These programs are primarily drawn from the period 1980-84. The ten chapters are as follows: 1.To Change This House: The Concept of Popular Education 2. David vs. Goliath: Education and a History of Intervention 3. The Long Hard Road to Transformation: Public Education After 1979 4. Born of the Revolution: The Literacy Crusade and Adult Education Program 5. In Our Own Words and Images: Training in Popular Communications 6. What's Baseball Got to do with Health? The National Health Campaigns 7. Collecting Tomato Sauce Bottles: Womena and Learning in the Revolution 8. From the Barrios: Learning to be Leaders. The Training of Community Workers 9. Preparing to Talk with the Pope: Education in Christian Base Communities 10. Looking Back and Moving Ahead: The Nicaraguan Revolution and Popular Education Through interviews, photographs, and analysis, Barndt explores the collective, participatory, critical way of learning that connects education to experience and seeks out the structural and historical causes of social problems. Beautifully illustrated, provocatively written, and grounded in a revolution that was deeply affected by popular education, To Change This House will be of interest to educators, activists, researchers, and anyone who questions the nature of education in our own society.




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