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Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing (Facilitators Manuel and video )


by Repeal the Deal Productions







c/o 707 - 12th St. New West Minister, B.C. V3M 4J7 Canada, Fax: (604) 522-8975.





This workshop guide and companion video is designed to help groups-union locals, women's groups, and non-governmental organizations of all kinds-use popular education to broaden organizing in the post-NAFTA era. The theme is using popular education for organizing in the context of the social and economic restructuring of the late 1990s. The main idea remains-to create a training kit that can help grassroots groups build their organizations, strengthen their own organizing initiatives and continue to work in coalitions with other groups. The approach taken to popular education owes much to the years of practice and theoretical development of popular education in Central America and Mexico. As well much of the inspiration for the video and guide comes from the work of women organizers from unions, women's organizations, anti-racist groups, and cultural organizations in Canada. This kit provides activities and information about popular education and organizing from a wide variety of campaigns. For us, it documents some signs of hope in very bitter times. It shows how the work of organizing for justice and for life with dignity is constantly being renewed. Users are encouraged to use it to help contribute to the rebuilding and re-visioning of social movements and social change. The training guide is divided into three parts: The Framework made up of three introductory chapters describing the methodology and design; The Modules made up of 11 different areas for focused educational activities -Getting Started, Starting From our Histories and Dreams, Examining our Practice, Doing Social Analysis, Culture, History, and Resistance, Popular Communication, Spirituality, Religion, and Organizing, Design and Facilitation, Applying What We Have Learned, Planning for Action, and Systematization and Evaluation; and Appendices - the four Appendices are called Working Through the Body, Fly on the Ceiling Worksheet, Tips on Using Videos, and Resources.




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