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Naming the Moment: Political Analysis for Action - A Manuel for Community Groups


Deborah Barndt with Carlos Freire, Illustrator


The Moment Project, Jesuit Centre for Social Faith







out of print





The introduction begins with two questions: "This moment: it is unline any other moment in time. How can we understand what it offers so that we can make the best use of it? How have people used moments in the past to push toward greater social justice?" This manual concerns itself with these questions. Through the "moment" approach, it presents ideas, experiences and concepts that can help groups working for social change. The five chapters are outlined as follows: It firstly introduces and defines the idea of political analysis for action, or naming the moment. Second, it supplies a review of the history of the concept and situates the practice in current social movements and structures in Canada. Third, it describes in detail the method of naming the moment and illustrates its four phases ( identifying ourselves and our interests, naming the issues/struggles, assessing the forces, planning for action) together with some examples. Fourth, the manual discusses the two applications of the method: one focused on local environmental issues, the other analyzing the free trade battle. It suggests different ways to integrate the process of naming the moment process, or political analysis for action, into the daily life of organizations. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of linking analyses across issues and across sectors. Some of the benefits people have found in the moment approach include: a structured reflection among activists; the integration of questions of race, class and gender; the integration of work at short and long term goals; the participatory and collective nature of the process, and the integration of emotional and cultural expression. The book is completed with three appendices that supply a dictionary of terms, a "Training Program," and resources in both spanish and english.




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