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Starting With Women's Lives Changing Today's Economy - A Facilitators Guide to a Visual Workshop Methodology


Suzanne Doerge and Bev Burke


Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada and the Canadian Labour Congress







Canadian Labour Congree, Women's and Human Rights Department, CLC, 2841 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 8X7, Canada email: WomensMarch@clc-etc.ca ($12 per copy)





A hands-on manual for women who wish to critically analyze the relationship between gender and the economy and work for social justice and equality. The authors noticed a "shortage of tools to draw upon for doing a gender analysis of the economy, particularly tools which can draw on women's experience and actively involve them in the analysis." This manual is meant to provide such a tool. The handbook can be used by any group of women to anaylze the effects of economic changes on women, to develop an understanding of the connections between women's daily experiences and national and worldwide trends, and to become involved and active in campaigns for women's rights and social justice. The handbook presents its information as methodology, which is to be learned and experienced through workshop(s). The method is called 'the wall,' which gives a visual of gender analysis and the economy. The wall itself is used as a metaphor for the economy because "our economy is made up of inter-related parts that build upon one another." Thus, this methodology looks at how the stones in the wall are changing and how women can actively rebuild the wall. The guide provides facilitators with detailed notes, background information, and ideas for adapting this visual methodology for specific groups. The six sections are: * The Overview * The Thinking Behind the Wall * The Facilitator Notes * Adapting the Wall * Preparing to Facilitate the Wall * Resources




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