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Understanding Economics: Starting With Our Lives


Coeditors: Deborah Barndt and Joan Kuyek


Jesuit Centre for Faith and Social Justice






out of print




This small booklet and study guide is an issue of the newsletter The Moment. The articles are tools to help us talk about economics on our own, more human terms. This is only one step in the long-term process of taking control of the economy so that it no longer benefits the rich at the expense of the poor. As we 're-name' the economy, we are on our way to 're-claiming' it.
The booklet integrates suggested uses and group activities into most of the key articles. The Moment is to be read, digested critiqued, stolen, copied, cut up, recreated, started from and bull upon.
The seven articles in the booklet are 1. The Watch the Media which suggests some ways to look behind the 'news' for the economic (and usually male) interests represented in the press, and particularly in the 'business' pages. 2. When Someone Asks compares the kinds questions businessmen ask about economic activities with the questions we can ask about their impact on our lives. 3. In the photo-story The Single Mom Express we follow Farida through a day in her life, as she chugs along in a train (the economic system) that drains her of her money and energy. She starts to question how it's structured and where it's going. 4. The Popular Educators' Kit suggests dynamic ways that the photo-story can be used; it also provides a design for a two-hour workshop that helps participants examine a day in their own lives in economic terms. 5. Naming the Moment deepens the analysis of Farida's experience as a single mother, comparing the 'bottom line' of big business with a bottom line that takes into account the invisible work of women. 6. In~Grabbing the Moment , we propose major campaign for popular economic literacy, and offer examples of what some groups are already doing. 7. Contacts and Resources notes groups that an working in the area of economics education in general and women and the economy in particular. Educational materials are listed.




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