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MAP for Nonprofits Leaders Circles - Self-Management Teams of Self-Directed Learners


Carter McNamera


MAP for Nonprofits







MAP, The Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits, at (612)-647-1216.





Leaders Circles is a powerful state-of-the-art and yet straightforward leadership development process for solving complex problems and continuous learning. In their highly focused process, self-directed learners exchange ongoing feedback, reflections, inquiry, supportive challenges and timely materials whatever is needed to help each member achieve their self-selected development goals. Leaders Circles borrows from systems thinking, self-directed learning principles and Action Learning to produce empowering and transformative development for each circle member. Leaders Circles can be readily organized, facilitated and evaluated by circles members themselves to ensure their circles remain relevant to their needs and accommodating to their busy schedules. This highly adaptable and powerful framework of self-directed learners is useful in a wide range of applications, whether as a standalone or integrating function for: Adult learning (including classmates applying new book knowledge) Continuing professional development Education (including self-directed learning in the workplace) Learning labs around a particular topic or activity Obtaining relevant and practical materials Obtaining relevant and practical materials Organization development and change Solving complex problems and Support groups for learners and leaders Leaders Circles is intended for those who have primary responsibility to lead any major effort that has strong challenges whether in life or organizations. The model is called Leaders Circles because its agenda and process are owned by participating leaders themselves. This booklet provides context for the Leader Circles peer based development model and is a companion to the MAP for Nonprofits Leaders Circles Guidebook for Facilitators and Members, which tells how to organize, facilitate and evaluate circles.




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