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Cultural Action for Freedom


Paulo Freire


Harvard Educational Review







Harvard Educational Review, Longfellow Hall, 13 Appian Way, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138




Cultural Action for Freedom serves as a primer for those of us exploring or new to the world of adult education, non-formal education and the process of critical consciousness. This book presents the ideas of culture of silence, denunciation--annunciation, adult literacy as a process of empowerment and education as cultural action for freedom. Freire discusses how the adult literacy process utilizes reflection and action. Cultural Action for Freedom is divided into two parts, the first one discusses the adult literacy process as cultural action for freedom and the second is a discussion on cultural action and conscientization. The latter is an elaboration on the political processes that have shaped Latin America and the Third World including a philosophical discussion on levels of consciousness and cultural revolution. Thus, the second part of this book serves as a framework for part one, the proposed literacy process as a practice of liberation. This process is one that directly challenges the culture of silence. Concordant with the status quo of muted masses has been what Freire calls the digestive concept of knowledge (also referred to by Freire as banking in Pedagogy of the Oppressed). In conclusion, in a recent discussion on the paradigms which encompass public health, it was observed that hybridization is a characteristic of that field; that is, theories and methodology are transplanted, adapted and utilized as needed from a diversity of realms including education, sociology, and anthropology. Similarly, when discussions of Freire's contributions to academia are framed, the general application of his pedagogy must be noted -- education as cultural action for freedom is critical in not only adult literacy, but health promotion, occupational safety, and K-12 curriculum as well. Thus, Freire's contributions extend beyond the field of education.




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