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Pedagogy in Process : The Letters to Guinea Bissau


Paulo Freire


The Seabury Press







The Seabury Press, 815 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017 (out of print)



http://fcis.oise.utoronto.ca/~daniel_schugurensky/freire/freirebooks.html#..\annotations\Books by Paulo Freire.doc# 1,80,245,0,, HYPERLINK "http://fcis.oise.ut


Freire gives this collection of letters an appropriate title: Pedagogy in Process. It is an ideal title for a book that records, by measured and unhurried stages, the evolution of a pedagogic partnership between Freire (and his colleagues at the World Council of Churches), on the one hand, and the educators of the new-born nation, Guinea-Bissau, on the other. Their common purpose is to develop a literacy program for a newly liberated people. The correspondence begins as a one-to-one exchange between Freire, writing from Geneva, and Mario Cabral of Guinea-Bissau. Soon, however, the correspondence broadens out to include the other members of the team-members both in Africa and in Geneva. The letters were exchanged from January, 1975 to the spring of 1976. The repercussions of the dialogue extended into 1977 and beyond. They also extend beyond one nation's borders, leading to collective literacy efforts planned by several of the new nations of Africa. Apart from all else, this book provides the best, most idiomatic English version of his writing to this date. More important, it reveals him-in the company of Elza-in a series of specific situations and direct, emotional relationships with other educators. Thus, not only the translation, but the letter-genre in itself, gives English-speaking readers a direct sense of the character of Freire: a character full of warmth, of humble attitude and militant fervor, all in a single man and oftentimes expressed within a single word or phrase.




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