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No. 68 December 2010                   


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Year end greetings to all the readers of this newsletter. I hope you find peace and love in the new year, and we make some progress reversing the disastrous directions life on earth is moving. Our educational work can certainly be part of the efforts to make a better world.
        You may have noticed that this is only the third issue of the newsletter published in 2010 - not a good record for what is intended to be a monthly publication. With six issues put out in 2008 and five in 2009, and only three in 2010, the trend is clear. One of the reasons for fewer issues has been that I have not been getting information about many new publications to feature. Another reason is that I am getting older and further from active popular education work. I have been debating with myself whether to end this project that I began in January 2003. Three recent developments, however, have given me encouragement to continue: 1) the young women who I have employed part time to work with me as a "popular education co-worker" - she has given a boast of energy to get this issue out, 2) local plans for a Paulo Freire Resource Room at a neighborhood center's new facility to which they move soon - the popular education and community organizers resource resource collection for facilitators and practitioners that has been languishing in storage might finally have a home, and 3) the initiative a young educator, Hindolo Pokawa, and I are taking to mobilize North American participation in the World Assembly of Adult Education in Malmo, Sweden in June of next year (link) - and investigating the viability of reviving the network aspects of the North American Alliance for Popular and Adult Education (link to archives), still the offical North American regional representative on the International Council for Adult Education that is holding the World Assembly.
        Finally, I would like to readers know that I do a presentation "Another Kind of Movement Education Is Possible: Popular Education" in which I share my framework and perspective on popular education. I do this whenever invited. I am fortunate to be in the position during the decade of my retirement to be able to claim "I am not working for money in this millennium." I can travel. I don't need pay or honoraria.                                                                 Larry Olds, Editor and Publisher


book cover

Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education For a Just World by Stephen D. Brookfield and John D. Holtz.  Jossey Bass, 2011  publisher web site

"This is a book that is so interesting that I had trouble putting it down. It is well written; there is new material; it articulates familiar concepts in such novel ways that your thought patterns get hijacked reading it. Adult learning and its processes are examined from a socialist perspective with a focus on social justice."
—Phyllis M. Cunningham, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University
        "Read this book and rub shoulders with Nelson Mandela, Septima Clark, Antonio Gramsci, Paulo Freire, Jane Thompson, Myles Horton, and a whole horde of inspiring leaders, learners, teachers, trainers, and activists. Engage with remarkable writers you have heard of, and, if you are like me, encounter a number of remarkable writers for the first time. This is a splendid, extraordinary book, which will stir and trouble you. But why am I not surprised? It is a seamlessly collaborative work by two of the best minds in the field—John Holst, the challenging, unremittingly rigorous theorist; and Stephen Brookfield, the inspired and cannily perceptive analyst. This book earns my highest praise: it will make you think."
—Michael Newman, author, Teaching Defiance
        "Stephen Brookfield and John Holst have written a monumental text in the field of adult education. It is a bold, ambitious book, beautifully written and uncompromising in its social justice agenda. It is sure to become a classic in the field."
—Peter McLaren, professor, University of California, Los Angeles
"This book offers new readings of the theory, politics, policy, and practice of radical adult education and learning where people's lives are understood as complex and interrelated matters. Brookfield and Holst's poetics and deeply human prose sound rebellious; the authors confront some of the main radical trends in the field of adult education including critical theory, transformative learning, and popular education."
—Shahrzad Mojab, professor, Department of Adult Education and Counseling Psychology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
“Radicalizing Learning is an extraordinary book, grounded in the world we have all experienced, but challenging readers to remove their blinders. Brookfield and Holst have redefined the vocation to which adult educators are called and in a brief volume brought integrity and insight to all the salient topics in our field of study.”
—Thomas Heaney, associate professor, adult education, and director, Adult Education Doctoral Program, National-Louis University

book cover

Facilitating Group Learning
by George Lakey, Jossey-Bass, 2010, 304 pages.  web site
"In this engaging and accessible book, George Lakey draws on a lifetime's experience to provide a highly practical resource to anyone seeking to understand and respond to the complexities of group work. The book will be invaluable to anyone trying to effect social change through groups while striving to stay simultaneously sane and employed."—Stephen D. Brookfield, Distinguished University Professor, University of St. Thomas
        "I've been working with forms of direct education for many decades, and I found new ideas and inspirations in every chapter. For anyone involved in teaching, training, sharing skills, or leading groups, this book is an invaluable resource!"—Starhawk, author, The Earth Path, Dreaming the Dark, and Webs of Power
       "George Lakey has inspired our union to engage in education in a way that challenges us to redefine social justice and equality in new and exciting ways. This book helps us to continue our journey to touch the souls of union members."—Denis Lemelin, national president, Canadian Union of Postal Workers 
       "Facilitating Group Learning will ease the way of all who venture into the white waters of facilitation. George clarifies the most basic, complex, and nagging challenges of facilitation, while honoring the realities of individual and social power dynamics and providing real-life examples from the path of continued growth and mastery. A rare gift!"—Niyonu D. Spann, founding president, TRV Consulting and Beyond Diversity 101
       "This book is a must-read for people who teach adults of any age, no matter what the subject, and care about doing it in ways that yield deep and abiding learning. Wonderfully well-written and rich with psychological and spiritual insights as well as practical strategies, it represents the fruits of a lifetime of transformational teaching and learning by one of the foremost adult educators of our time."—Parker J. Palmer, author, The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak, and The Heart of Higher Education


  • From Jim Crowther of the Popular Education Network (PEN): based in Europe: Community Empowerment: Critical Perspectives From Scotland edited by Akwugo Emejulu and Mae Shaw and Community Education Learning and Development  by Lyn Tett, 2010.  To join PEN contact jim.crowther@ed.ac.uk.
  • Notice from Budd Hall from University of Victoria, BC about two new books that are part of an eight book series by Zed Books: John Gaventa and Rosemary McGee, Citizen Action and National Policy Reform: Making Change Happen and John Gaventa and Rajesh Tandon, Globalizing Citizens: New Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion. link
  • John Van Rooy's report on popular education at the 2010 United States Social Forum can be found at link
  • Read the summary statements drafted @ the Synthesis Assembly of representatives from 50 Peoples Movement Assemblies, and presented @ the National Peoples Movement Assembly, June 26.2010 in Detroit Michigan as the culmination of the second U.S. Social Forum. http://pma2010.org/
  • Good resources continue to be found at United for a Fair Economy http://www.faireconomy.org/about/enews_33
  • SOUL!, a movement-building training center in Oakland, California, has available curriculum manuals (as well as a selection of sample curricula) link
  • December brought yet again another terrific newsletter from the Change Agency in Australia chocked full of resources and info http://www.thechangeagency.org/ 

February 2–6, 2011 The 23rd National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change is coming to beautiful Minneapolis, MN  http://www.creatingchange.org/

March 3-5, 2011 8th Annual Conference on Women & Literacy -- Women Using Technology: Computers and social media to support community and learning A Hands-On Training Institute University of Rhode Island, Downtown Campus, Providence, RI http://www.litwomen.org/conference.html 

April 13 – 16, 2011 12th Annual White Privilege Conference Minneapolis, MN http://www.uccs.edu/~wpc/

June 9 -12, 2010 At the AERC/CASAE joint Conference in Toronto on behalf of the North American Alliance for Popular and Adult Education (NAAPAE) we hope to convene a meeting to nominate a candidate for North American Vice President of ICAE (time and location TBA)  and begin a process to revive NAAPAE as a network.  For a link to information on the AERC/CASAE Joint Conference click

June 14 - 17, 2011

icae wa logo
link to information including themes of the assembly, a call for proposals, and for scheduling your activities.

June 22-26, 2011 ROOTS Fest 2011: Many Communities, One Voice, in West Baltimore, MD http://alternateroots.org/festival

July 20 - 23, 2011 17th Annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed (PTO) Conference: "We Are Each Other's Harvest" Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, Il  link for information



By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn. Latin Proverb




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Jan 15, 2011 Radicalizing Learning Book Event

The authors of the book, Stephen Brookfield and John Holtz, will be present to speak about the book, answer questions, and sign books.  "Happy Hour" refreshments will be served.

Time: 5:00 to 7:00 pm, presentation at 5:30

Location of event:  3322 15th Ave So, upstairs, Minneapolis

Feb 13-16,2011 Training for Social Action Trainers, Mpls/St. Paul

Join us for an intensive training designed for experienced facilitators wanting to revitalize their work, new trainers wanting to inspire, teachers, community leaders, activists -- anyone wanting to take their skills to a new level and learn how training can be used more effectively. www.trainingforchange.org

May 10 - 15, 2011 How to Do Transformational Work  Mpls/St. Paul, MN
Learn how to go beyond experiential education into the domain of transformation, assisting workshop participants to identify and loosen their emotional blocks to greater effectiveness. Prerequisite: Advanced Training of Trainers.


February 2–6, 2011 The 23rd National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change is coming to beautiful Minneapolis, MN  http://www.creatingchange.org/

April 13 – 16, 2011 12th Annual White Privilege Conference Minneapolis, MN http://www.uccs.edu/~wpc/

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