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Under The Radar: Popular Education in North America

The Tree of Knowledge Activity

Planning Educational Activities with Eight Overlapping and Interlock Popular Education Principles

The Question Circle for Improving Presentations and Lectures Activity

"Popular Education in the College Classtroom" (Section 4 of The Making of a Popular Educator by Larry Olds)

Counting Our Victories Popular Education and Community Organizing by Denise Nadeau

A Popular Education Handbook by Rick Arnold and Bev Burke

A New Weave: popular education in canada and central America by Ric Arnold, Deborah Barndt, and Bev Burke

Naming the Moment Political Analysis for Action - A Manual for Community Groups by Deborah Barndt with Carlos Freire, Illustrator.

Ready for Action: A Popular Theatre Popular Education Manual by Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer Michol, Joshua Silverberg.

Getting the Community Into the Act: 72 Participatory Activities for Field Workers and Trainers Prepared by Pat Ellis



(A Regular Feature of this Newsletter- Please send information about other links. -- the editor)

Newly added 6/19/2009:

Case studies and analysis of popular education in community-based organizations
Case studies and analysis of popular education in classrooms

Collectivo Flatlander Resources http://www.colectivoflatlander.org/Site/Resources.html

Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA) tools: From Personal to Political - Timeline Exercises, Building Relationships, and New Citizens Vote! Curriculum at http://www.pilaweb.org/content/view/25/58/

Southerners On New Ground (SONG) LGBT&Q resources: http://www.southernersonnewground.org/?cat=11

The School for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) training manuals and a variety of specific training                   activities at http://www.youthec.org/soul/soul_sec/resources/re-free_training.html.

The Change Agency in Australia one of the best sources for  popular education materials and links to                   good stuff:  http://www.thechangeagency.org

Books by Michael Newman - free access: (http://www.michaelnewman.info/)

Just Associates: “ short publications from our work that deal with popular education in different ways.” :                   Forging A Global Movement: New Education Strategies for the United States and the World, Making Change Happen: Power, and Making Change Happen: Citizen Engagement and Global Economic Power                   http://www.justassociates.org

Training for Change - "Tools":  http://trainingforchange.org/content/section/4/39/

Great materials on health related subjects with a popular education point of view from Luis Kong                   in Santa Rosa CA:: http://www.hesperian.org/”

Wonderful photos that can be used for popular education “codes” to help people share experience and find their voice in educational activities.  from Dorothy Wigmore in Winnipeg : www.earldotter.com

HIV/AIDS stigma popular education manual http://www.changeproject.org/technical/hivaids/stigma.html

The Ruckus Society resources http://www.ruckus.org/article.php?list=type&type=9

Trapese Popular Education Collective resources http://www.trapese.org/

Poped Toolkit various links http://poped.org//links/poped.html

Partners Training for Transformation http://www.trainingfortransformation.ie/